Interesting facts about Dingo

Dingo are ultimate survivors

Dingo are native to Australia. They are made for the environment and in some places sit at the top of the food chain. It is a different species all together though called dog. Most dangerous for sheep a Dingo fence was made in 1855 to keep them out. The fence is longer even than the Great wall of China measuring approximately 3500 miles. Dingoes have been hunted a lot and now come under endangered species.

Here are some really interesting facts about these feared species.

  • Dingoes had a very important role for Australian aboriginals. You can even now see the dingo drawings on rocks in the caves of aboriginals.
  • Dingo is very emotional and pairs only once in life. If the partner dies it will not mate with another. Rather it will die mourning for the partner.
  • Dingo is very intelligent. If threatened it will feign death and you will think it is dead. Once you are away it will be gone.
  • Dingoes used to act a s friend for the Aboriginals. According to old legends they used to work as blankets in the cold. Really weird is it not?
  • Also the Dingoes when young would live among men and comfort them. There are instances of Dingoes feeding human children as well. When they became adults they would return to the Wild.
  • Dingoes live longer in captivity. They will live 5 years when in wild but up to 15 years in captivity. Very different from other Wild animals.
  • Dingoes are close relatives of the Wolf .

Australia’s 4 Greatest Attractions

There are many things about Australia which attracts the tourists. The nice beaches, water ways, flora and fauna, Vineyards or the Great Barrier Reef are some of the attractions.


Australian Waters Ways

The Sydney harbor with its azure water is one of the many attractions. The scenery is often like wallpaper. Rose Bay looks thrilling when you are on a plane. You can never miss the color of water.

Flora and Fauna

The country has a unique blend of flora and fauna. Since it is an island most of the plants and animals are unique and endemic. The only thing missing is a large carnivore. Dingoes are the largest carnivores. Different colors of parrots and cockatoos really are a visual delight. Then you have Koalas (Teddy Bears), kangaroos and the emu which are famous. Even the sea fauna is unique. There are around 140 species of Marsupials alone.

Australian Vineyards

Renowned for its award-winning wines, Australia is a heaven for wine lovers. Walking through a vineyard is a life changing experience.

Vineyard Australia

The wineries here produce high quality white, red and sparkling wines. The Hunter Valley Vineyard is home to oldest surviving grapevines.

The Great Barrier Reef

One of the most unique ecosystems is the Great Barrier Reef. With close to 100,000 species it is the largest local collection of flora and fauna.

GReat Barrier reef

You can go snorkeling and see the wide range of colors here. So, come to Australia and enjoy the Wild Life here.