Backpacker world – Barbados Travel part II

Backpacker world is full of challenges, and especially when you are in Barbados. Barbados is famous as a diving and surfing location but has great places for backpacking as well. There is more than sea sports in this beautiful location. However very few tourists indulge in hiking. While I was hiking through Barbados I hardly met any other backpacker. There were many tourists from around the world but hardly anyone wanting to hike. Taking a cue from my outback trip I carried the GPS for guiding through the hike. The guide book was not very good, though I had one with me. Travelling alone is not unique in the backpacker world but it is nice to meet up with other backpackers and share experiences – didn’t happen in Barbados, I was alone! I went by bus to Bridgetown and then walked around the town a bit but found some good places to hike that are away from the city. I went to a village near Bridgetown and spent a night in my tent. The lodging is quite expensive even in the villages in Barbados. Bathsheba was the best in the hiking trip; nice offshore rocky terrain and plenty of tide pools where you can cool off. Try this when on your next trip to Caribbean, be adventurous!


Barbados place to Snorkel and Dive Part 1

A Trip to Marvelous Barbados

I recently visited Barbados. It is a place with amazing coastal life. The barrier reef presence means lots of life under the sea. The sponges, corals and plant life make it a paradise for fish and other marine animals. These are located within the 0.5 to 2 mile off coast, which makes it perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Taking care of the safety you can really enjoy a plethora of life under the sea.

East coast is very rough so diving off the east coast should be avoided. There are plenty of dive locations on the west and south-east coast to choose from. Especially the ship wrecks are the best. They have an abundant fish and other marine life living on them. There are a good number of reefs all along to explore. Good variety of small fish and the temperate climate make it really nice place for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling. The temperature never dips below 15 degrees and the corals are healthy with very few hurricanes. The visibility is a cool 40 to 70 ft with 80 degree Fahrenheit constant water temperature. A diver’s paradise!

The Hawksbill turtle is the special animal here. They feed on the abundant sponges and are regular sight when you go diving. The head which is tapered gives them a hawk like look and gives them the name. It is a nice thing to see under water turtles. They bring good luck. I will be returning with an account of my dive off one of the locations. Still to decide where to dive…..