Places for ecotourism in Australia

Ecotourism in Australia

Australia is breathtaking, and ecotourism in Australia will reveal magnificent ribbons of white beaches and secluded coves to languid lagoons, forests, and cities. For people who love an island holiday, Australia has more than 8,000 islands. You can waterski, fish, hike, shop and eat on these islands – there’s a perfect island for you to enjoy. In fact, Australia’s best islands for a holiday are the ones where you’ll uncover all the things that interest you. Take your pick from huge busy islands to quiet far-flung islands. Rottnest Island is perfect for those escaping city life because it’s a car-free retreat and is just a boat ride away from Fremantle. If nature’s your thing, try Kangaroo Island or French Island, a national park where you can catch a ferry from Stony Point, Melbourne and spot some koalas. Ecotourism in Australia is the perfect way to open up in the wide open spaces and breathe in the fresh country air – or sea freshness. Australia has diverse natural environments, with spectacular landscapes which include World Heritage Sites, areas known for their outstanding natural value. These areas are undisturbed, yet you can get up close to plants and animals and even swim in pristine water environments. The Daintree is Australia’s biggest tropical rainforest where you can silently cruise its waterways. You might fancy the idea of the 223 km Larapinta Trail, an awesome bushwalking experience offering day-, overnight- and multi-day walking trips with enthralling walks through valleys, gorges, and mountains.


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