Backpacker world – Barbados Travel part II

Backpacker world is full of challenges, and especially when you are in Barbados. Barbados is famous as a diving and surfing location but has great places for backpacking as well. There is more than sea sports in this beautiful location. However very few tourists indulge in hiking. While I was hiking through Barbados I hardly met any other backpacker. There were many tourists from around the world but hardly anyone wanting to hike. Taking a cue from my outback trip I carried the GPS for guiding through the hike. The guide book was not very good, though I had one with me. Travelling alone is not unique in the backpacker world but it is nice to meet up with other backpackers and share experiences – didn’t happen in Barbados, I was alone! I went by bus to Bridgetown and then walked around the town a bit but found some good places to hike that are away from the city. I went to a village near Bridgetown and spent a night in my tent. The lodging is quite expensive even in the villages in Barbados. Bathsheba was the best in the hiking trip; nice offshore rocky terrain and plenty of tide pools where you can cool off. Try this when on your next trip to Caribbean, be adventurous!


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