An Outback Trip Gone Awry!!

Well I have had an interesting weekend. Got a call from my daughter her son and his mates had problems with a trip in the outback and needed help.  Eventually after sifting through my daughter slightly hysterical and theatrical account I found out what was happening. I love my daughter to bits but I she is so unlike me and organisation is not her strong suit and neither does it appear to be my grandsons or his mates.


Car broken down not enough money to repair.

Not enough gear for the camping trip – basically the tent not big enough!! Really! So they had stayed in a BB and now short of money. This is only the second day of a 2 week trip.

So needed to get some money to them quickly and none of the idiots had a credit card with them.Can you believe not one of the four lads had taken a credit card –  it was to prevent them going over their budget they said. I am going to have a long overdue talk with my grandson on sensible management when he gets back.


Outback junk, from a trip gone very wrong?
This could be you!!




My suggestions:

  • Leave them to sort it out for themselves ( she rejected this idea)
  • Talk to parents of other lads to raise the money. Could only contact 2 as the others were away on a trip.
  • Take out a loan ( which he and his mates will have to pay the installments to pay her back)

After chatting to the parents she could contact they decided a loan was a quick and easy solution and one of the parents was a relative to the other two and said she was sure they would agree to cover the amounts if the boys couldn’t. I suggested she go to a company I have used before, Ferratum for an online cash loans as I know this is one of their products. Then to send it to the lads via Western Union.

Given the above I thought it might be useful to highlight some general tips to consider before an Outback trip:

  • Have you vehicle checked over by reliable mechanic.
  • Carry spares
  • Take at least one credit card or prepaid card for emergency back up.
  • Insure the trip – even if self organised or especially because it is!
  • Check all your equipment – especially if said equipments has been an a mates garage for a couple of years unused!!!
  • Do have a chat with someone with experiences before you set off to potentially dangerous areas.
  • If going with a group ensure someone not going has a list of contact numbers.
  • Take a First Aid kit – no matter how tough you think you are a cut get infected quickly and can become a problem.

Found an excellent blog with some good insight into planning an outback trip, go take a look. I think I will put a post together for next time with some suggestions for what equipment should be taken on a outback camping trip, a ‘To Do List” I thought – do you think it would be useful, and anyones experiences and feedback would be great?




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