8 Interesting facts about Desert Death Adder

Desert Death Adder

The desert adder is a native snake of Australia. Believe it or not it is venomous but very shy. There are some very lesser known facts about this endangered snake species.

  • Cobra Family – Desert adders only look like adders but are from the Cobra family. The change is due to convergent evolution.
  • Mobile fangs – The fangs of this snake are mobile. It is located on a bone that can come forward. This results in bites at right angles which inject more venom.
  • Live in Arid regions – The snake prefers dry or semidry are as a habitat. It can be found in deserts and rocky terrain.
  • Ambush Hunters – Desert death adders hunt by luring and ambush.They bury in sand or bush displaying its tail as a worm. The prey when it gets near is attacked. Much like a predator, huh!
  • Cannibals – These snakes generally prefer lizards and frogs, but can become cannibals eating their own young ones.
  • Give birth to Young ones – Yes folks unlike snakes the Death adders will give birth to young ones. The young are self-dependent and the mother just wriggle away.
  • Die of poisoning – They are one of the most poisonous snakes. But they can sometimes die of poisoning when it eats a small toad cane toad. The frog has venom fatal for the snake.
  • Docile – These snakes are very docile and rarely attack humans . they rather slip away. Unlike popular beliefs of attacks by Desert death adders.

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