The Outback Brings its own Unique Travel Rewards about

With world populations encroaching more and more on our beautiful nature, I find the Australian outback holds more and more magic for me. These wild, endless landscapes simply lure one to a quiet , simple way of life that is become more attractive in the 21st century. Outback Australia surely offers an unforgettable experience, whether you opt for a getaway on a sheep station or a 4WD camping safari. I’ve been enthralled attending sheep and wool shows and watching lean and mean sheep shearers competing with each other to get the best out of their gear and get as many sheep sheared as possible.

sheep stattion

The amazing Australian outback stretches across several states and you’ll find some pretty diverse habitats in it. In southern central Queensland, the Carnarvon Gorge is a steep sandstone chasm within the Carnarvon National Park. The Gorge is about 30km long and 600 metres deep at the mouth. You can understand why this would be such a visited feature.

Don’t get me wrong…the Australian Outback isn’t all about big, diverse landscapes however, beautiful and stark though this is. Some of the quaint Australian outback times are full of amazing treasures. Old-time activities such as sitting in country pubs, watching camel races, eating mutton and lamb cooked on an open fire, gleaning ancient information on the rich mining history are all dished up with warm country Aussie hospitality.

I’ve collected this information from personal experience and am looking forward to adding exciting information and images about my travels in the awesome outback but also other parts of this amazing continent known as the land down under.


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