Koala the reclusive Species

Until very recently I did not know Koalas are not bears. They look very much like the teddy bears. So, we invariably categorise them as bears. There are many other facts about koalas which are not known. It is a very shy animal.



  • Koalas are marsupials – They are not bears, and are born immature just like kangaroos. They are carried in pouch just like kangaroos before they become fully developed.
  • Sleepy Creatures – Koalas sleep for 18 hour in a day. Just like the Panda the diet that take is low on nutrition and they sleep to conserve energy.
  • Different sizes – Koalas in South have thick coats and larger as compared to their northern counterparts. This is due to natural adaptation.
  • Living in one place – Koalas love their home the tree they live in. They will only go to other places for mating only. After the courtship they are always back in their home trees. Homesickness of the koalas.
  • Tiny when born – Koalas are only 2 centimeters when born. They are underdeveloped, cannot see, is hairless and even do not have hearing ability.
  • Food – The Koala lives on fibre. It can only digest 25% of ingested fibre. They have a special organ called cecum to digest fibre. They have to eat large amount of leaves to survive.
  • Do not drink water – In normal circumstances the koalas never drink water. Only in extreme cases will they drink water.
  • One of their kind – Koalas have only one living relative the wombats. And they are burrowing animals only similarity being their pouches.
  • Natural habitat – The koalas natural habitat is being destroyed for houses. Soon we may find them only in protected areas or zoos.

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