Many things you do not know about Kangaroos

When I first saw the Kangaroo it looked cute.Before I started my stint with wild life I thought that Kangaroos are only of one kind. But later came to know many unknown facts about them.

Kangaroo Male

I would like to share some of the really interesting unknown facts about Kangaroos:

  • The hind legs move together. They can use the hind legs separately only while swimming.
  • Kangaroos do not have sweat glands. They use their saliva to cool down.
  • They do not have breeding season. They are like us they can breed anytime.
  • There are 60 different species of Kangaroos. Kangaroos of 60 different kinds.
  • The famous pouch on the female kangaroos’ belly is actually a second womb.
  • Baby kangaroos are born only after 35 days of gestation.
  • Kangaroos are found outside Australia. Some species are native to Papua New Guinea.
  • Kangaroos have stomach which is chambered just like cows.
  • Kangaroos outnumber humans in Australia.
  • Kangaroos are very social and live in groups. A group is known as “mob”.
  • Female Kangaroo can determine the gender of their offspring before birth.
  • They are only eaten by us humans and dingoes.
  • They stand up to six feet tall, and are tallest Marsupials.
  • Kangaroos are very good swimmers.
  • While running they can notch up speed of 60 km/hr.
  • The biggest weighs 90 kg and the smallest 500 gm.

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